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Hawwy Pottah goes to the waterpark

Hawwy shrieked like an out of tune electric guitar as Harmony pulled into the WaterSlam, Britain’s most visited waterpark. A large, neon logo stood in front of the parking lot. Harmony slammed on the brakes to the hot-wired vehicle, narrowly missing a speedbump. Hawwy, who happened to be unbuckled, flew forward, smashing straight though the front windshield. There was a large, rib-tingling sound as his large head hit a stop sign. It twangled, shaking. Harmony winced. Bron giggled manically in his booster seat. “Hairy monkey! Look! I see water! Hehe, water, hairy monkey!” Harmony rolled his eyes. Bron didn’t have enough brain cells put together to light a match, much less pronounce her name.

She reached back and tried to unbuckle Bron, but he snarled, showing his canines. “Back, Bron! What did we talk about?” She ordered. Bron whimpered, and let Harmony unbuckle his restraints. With a gleeful Weee! Bron whizzed past a dazed Hawwy, who was laying beneath the stop sign he had hit, and toward the looming waterslides.

Harmony got out of the car and dripped some water down Hawwy’s mouth. His eyes immediately widened from their dilated state. “Water! Gonna go see water!” He shouted. The tiny boy raced after Bron, who had reached the waterpark’s entrance. Harmony followed suite. She had to make sure the idiotic children didn’t kill themselves.

“Hey! You two! Stop it right there!” The park entrance’s guard, Billio, was doing rounds near the parking lot entrance. He had immediately spotted the wild children coming toward him. Hawwy’s eyes glowed red, and he lifted his wand. “Avada, KEDAVRA!” He bellowed in a deep voice that did not match the tiny size of his body. Billio was lifted off of his feet, and slammed into the turntable behind him, smashing it to pieces. Bron leaped straight over the dead body, and gazed up at the waterslides. They were at least five hundred feet tall. “Harry! Look! Slides! Hehe, slides Harry!” he giggled insanely. He raced off to the ice-cream stand, scaring off a couple of children who were eagerly slurping down their cones.

Hawwy gazed up aswell, an evil glint sparkling in his beady black eyes. This wasn’t good. When Hawwy stared at something too long, he was thinking. With the amount of braincells in Hawwy’s brain, something bad was going to happen.

Difindo! He waved his wand, making a cutting gesture in the air. The metal tubing holding up the enormous towers creaking, splitting in two like a twig. Harmony came running up behind Hawwy, gasping and out of breath.

“Harr-WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!!” Harmony had taken sight of the falling waterslides. People started screaming as the children who were sliding down the tubes splattered to the ground, their forms flattening to grotesque blood stains. One man, who was eating a hot-dog, was nailed by a falling waterslide tube, his body cut straight his half. Blood splattered over Harmony’s face. She spat out in disgust and pulled her own wand out of her pocket. Petrificus Totalus!

Hawwy’s limbs straightened to their sides, and he toppled to the floor.

“Bron! You get your slimy little backside over here!”

Bron was too occupied, rummaging through the ice-cream stand’s Cooler. Crucio! Bron joined the other screaming people, writhing on the ground. The police cars started pulling up. The three children were immediately detained.

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