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Hawwy gets in a plane

“Hawwy!” yelled Harmony, as Hawwy took a running leap at the flight attendant. “Muggle!” Hawwy grunted, slamming his tiny fists into the flight attendants face. “Gimme your chocolate frogs! You don’t have them?!” Harmony grabbed Hawwy’s tiny body and ripped him off of the poor woman, who had fell to the ground and was bleeding severely.

“I’ll sue you!” she shouted, waving her fists in the air as Harmony escorted Hawwy to their seats. Bron was giggling idiotically in his seat as Harmony and Hawwy sat down next to him. “Look Hawwy!” He pulled the seat buckle up to his face and cackled as he latched them together. “Hawwy! I can put them together! Hawwy” he laughed weakly. Bron gasped suddenly, clutching at his chest as he fell back in his seat. Harmony rolled her eyes. “I almost forgot Bron, you forgot to take your insulin dose.” She reached into her pocket, pulled out a syringe, and injected a lethal dose of the lifesaving drug into Bron. He shuddered suddenly, breathing heavily, but lay still.

The captain’s voice came from the loudspeaker in the small airplane. “Hello everyone! Thanks for flying with British Airlines. We will begin takeoff shortly, please remain in your seats while the seat buckle sign in lit”. From up in the front row of seats, a small squat man with a large chef’s hat rose. “Hehe! I’m bwittish! I like you bwittish people! Ya got any hot tea?” It was Shef, the infamous chef. The man was shortly subdued and carried off the plane.

The plane taxied to the runway. Harmony was having a fight with Hawwy, trying to get his seatbelt over his head. “Really Hawwy! If you want to go to the land of freedom, you have to get this buckle on!” Hawwy shook in his seat, his lips encrusted with sugar. He had been slamming down on the flight attendant button, summoning candy from the weak muggle mortals. His black, lifeless eyes rolled around in their sockets as Hawwy shuddered another time, courtesy of a sugar overdose.

Suddenly, Harmony was slammed back into her seat. Hawwy was given the same treatment. The plane vibrated a little as it accelerated on the runway. A few seconds later, it lifted off. Hawwy gasped as he lifted up the airplane’s flap, opening the window. He could see the sky! “I’m playing quidditch! Where’s the snitch?!” Hawwy bellowed in fright as a bird passed by, slamming against the glass. He shoved his wand into the delicate glass, shouting incantations the ward off the unexpected Dementor. The glass shattered immediately, and people screamed as everything was sucked toward the hole.

Hawwy was sucked out first, going through the window like a worm. Bron, Harmony, and the rest of the passengers were next. A piece of glass shrapnel flew into the engine, and everything lit up like a firework as the plane exploded in a cacophony of seats, flames, and metal. Anyone and anything in a mile radius was instantly vaporized.

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