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about sully

sully, or his long name sulaiman jackson, is a 18-year old man. He enjoys reading, playing the piano, making youtube videos, and creating awesome games.

about: About
about: About
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my story

how i became a game developer

when he was 7, sully's dad caught him playing mario on his computer. he stopped sully and told him to make his own games.

since then, sully has been honing his skills as an artist, programmer, and pianist.

now, he has his own studio where he can post his dumb ideas.

what i do for a living

sulaiman jackson enjoys reading books, playing the piano, programming, creating helpful tutorals and courses, and daydreaming.

right now, he is working on his bachelors in video game software and development at baker college.

i teach scratch programming lessons on zoom for the carnegie center of lexington. i also mow my parents lawn for cheap monies.

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