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About Sully

Sulaiman Jackson, also known as Sully, is 19 years old, with diverse interests spanning literature, music, video content creation, and game development. He is an avid reader and a skilled pianist, further enriching his creative pursuits by producing engaging YouTube videos and developing innovative games.

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Sulaiman Jackson is the Manager of the Jackson Academy 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Jackson Academy’s mission is to promote lifelong learning and morally-positive creative expression through technology-oriented programs and youth collaboration.


Sully Studios

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Sulaiman is the CEO and lead Senior Game Developer of Sully Studios LLC, a game studio located in Miami.

Over his course of being Senior Game Developer he spearheaded the development of three top-grossing games, increasing active users from 10k to 123k annually from 2020 to 2023, as well designed, developed, and published 10+ original games to Steam, and Google Play.

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