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Yatimae Wants Hot Tea

“I want hot tea!” shouted the tiny toddler, smashing her fist on her parent’s door at 4 in the morning. Yatimae was a stingy, greedy, and spoiled three-year-old baby, but everybody acted like she was a perfect princess. Yatimae had a craving for hot tea ever moment of the day. She would command her servants, her brothers and sisters, to go forth and brew her hot tea. Yatimae continued smashing her tiny little fist on the wooden door until finally, with a groan, Yatimae’s mother opened the door, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Yatimae grinned darkly. “Make me hot tea! And put ice in it!”

“But Yatimae! If I put ice in it, it won’t be hot any-“


“Fine, you have your hot tea, greedy little baby,”

Yatimae’s obedient servant stumbled to the kitchen, still sleepy, and boiled a pot of water. Yatimae stood on the countertop and watched interestedly, sucking her thumb, as the servant poured the hot tea into a teacup, dipped in a teabag, and stirred in a little sugar. Her mother listed to the side, snoring. She had apparently fallen asleep. Yatimae cackled like the greedy little baby she was, grabbed the hot tea carelessly, and poured it down her gullet. The stingy toddler screamed as boiling hot tea burned her mouth and spilled all over her face. She fell, crying and wailing, but no servants came to her aide. Alas, it was 4 in the morning.


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