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“Owch!” Pocrackte cried out as she felt a large prick on his forearm. She slapped it with her other hand and looked at the bright red splotch of blood on her hand. “These nasty mosquitos! They love my blood!”

It was late in the afternoon in Puerto Rico, and Pocrackte was having a picnic with her best friends Hacktupme and Jalute, under the shade of an enormous mango tree at the park. Screaming little kids were goofing around in the playground nearby, and the sound of water spraying came from the waterpark. The trio had brought apples, sandwiches, and soda, but not a single bottle of mosquito repellent. Jalute laughed and shook her head. “Jeez Pocrack! These mosquitos love your blood!”

Pocrackte glared at Jalute. “I just said that.” She reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a roast beef sandwich. “Mmm!” Pocrackte grinned and opened her mouth, slowly savoring the smell of grilled meat. The aroma of the sandwich flowed into Pocrackte’s nostrils. Suddenly, Pocrack choked, grabbing her throat with one hand, and dropping the sandwich with the other. A squadron of mosquitos had flown right into her mouth!

“Nasty creatures!” Pocrackte bellowed, slapping at her face. Hacktupme looked up from his thousand-page book, pushing his thick bifocals up his nose. “They aren’t just mosquitos, Pocrack. They are an advanced race of-“

Hacktupme’s nasally noise was cut off as Pocrackte slammed both fists into the boy’s face. Hacktupme screamed as shards of glass from his spectacles shattered into his eyes. Blood poured everywhere. Hacktupme fell to the floor, dully, his eyes blank, heart ceasing to beat. Pocrackte seethed, scratching her hair and arms. Jalute gulped and backed up as Pocrackte slowly advanced toward her friend. “Its okay! They are just mosquitos!” Pocrackte leaped forward, slashing her best friend’s head right off of her neck. The head thudded to the floor, blood gushing like chunky salsa.

Pocrackte screamed. “What have I done!”

The mosquitos came at the poor child from every direction, slamming into the girl’s flesh and digging under the skin, reaching for the veins and arteries. A couple minutes later, all what was left of Pocrackte was a skeleton.

Always bring mosquito repellent.

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