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Jimmy The Roach

Jimmy wiggled his antennae and checked the watch on his front leg. It was 12 o’clock, time to start scavenging around the house.

The roach wiggled his antennae and checked the watch on his front leg. It was 12 o’clock, time to start scavenging around the house.

Jimmy lived in a house full of wild, rambunctious children. They lived like pigs, throwing around their clothes like wild animals, some of them not even wearing clothes. They were called the Hacksons. Yatimae, the youngest toddler in the house, was Jimmy’s favorite. She would leave small presents of food around on the floor, just for Jimmy to eat.

Jimmy crawled out of the wicker basket in the bathroom, and stood on his hind legs, sniffing for food. Yummy! What was that delicious smell coming from the bathroom sink?

Jimmy scuttled across the bathroom floor, wet from the last person who had used it. He shimmied up the sink pedestal and crawled down the sink, slippery with slime and grease. It was known all around the neighborhood that the Hackson family were the most disgusting people in the town. They didn’t even clean up after themselves! Jimmy spotted his prize, a huge noodle laying freely, near the sink drain. Jimmy inhaled. It was a ramen noodle alright. It was probably that little beast Yatimae, thinking the sink was a stove. Jimmy took a huge bite of the soggy length of dough, and grimaced. Yatimae had apparently seasoned the food with her own spices.

Suddenly, like a deer caught in headlights, Jimmy froze. He sensed danger. The bathroom light came on like floodlights, and Jimmy was paralyzed in his tracks. He peered over the sink ledge, to find the eldest Hackson child, Silly. Silly groggily wiped his eyes and turned on the shower. Silly was the neatest and most clean person in the Hackson family, and that was saying something. He spenst all of his time cleaning after his nasty siblings and didn’t even have time to write his blogs about them.

Jimmy despised Silly. Silly was always cleaning up after everyone, and Jimmy’s food was the mess. Jimmy unfroze and whistled. His roach friends, living in the ceilings, walls, and floor, answered his call. They all came out of their hiding places, twiddling their antennae like a wave of disgusting brown carpet. Silly reached blindly around for his glasses, as he was nearsighted. He slipped them on and screamed as he realized he was surrounded by roaches. The road mass advanced forward but stopped as Silly reached into his pajama pocket and brandished the most terrible thing Jimmy had ever seen. Roach spray.

A huge, noxious cloud of pure poison filled the bathroom, killing anything that it touched. Silly himself collapsed to the floor, dead by his own roach spray. The roach mass, or what was left of it, retreated back into their hiding places. Jimmy grinned. Time to find some more food.

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