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Brickfoot v Maleb Caddix

It is a swelteringly hot day. The sun beats down on the metal roof of the gym. Even the grass outside is wilting. On the gym’s second floor, a karate class is taking place. About fifteen young students are dressed in their uniforms, facing Sensei Shihan. Sensei Shihan is wearing a fake black belt, which he bought off of Amazon. “This is called SenCuChuDaChi”, instructs Sensei Shihan, pressing his foot into the floor in front of him. Julio the frog, one of the wider students, grins and lets out a loud croaking sound. His right eye closes, opens, and then his left eye does the same, alternating.

Brickfoot grunts as he slams his brick foot into the foam mat, going into the same pose Sensei Shihan is doing. The ground trembles and most of the students fall to the ground. Brickfoot’s two children, Brickfoot Jr. and Brickfoot-ette, follow in suite of their father. They smash their tiny little brick feet into the ground, and the room shakes again. Plaster rains down from the ceiling. Brickfoot grins as a huge crack appears in the gym floor. Sensei Shihan shouts. “Shoe! A la nina!” All of the students leap out of the way as Brickfoot and his children fall into the huge hole in the floor. Brickfoot lands on the first floor of the gym, toppling over a young child, who’s blonde hair is shaped into a huge spike. Everybody in the gym turns to see what happened. “Whuu! I’m not average! I’m a savage!” It is Maleb Caddix, the deranged, pasty lipped child. The room fills with screams as Maleb Caddix heaves a 150-pound barbell onto Brickfoot’s foot. Brickfoot howls as the enormous weight falls onto his big toe Brickfoot kicks the weight into the glass window and cradles his broken foot.

Maleb Caddix rushes forward, but Brickfoot is faster. He slams his left foot into Maleb Caddix’s face. Maleb Caddix is blasted back by a powerful blow, and splatters against the concrete wall. The gym empties as quickly as you can say “dead child”. Brickfoot slams his injured foot onto the floor. “I put my foot on the floor!” He yells as he grows fifteen feet higher. Brickfoot soars through the roof of gym, his balding head completely going through the concrete ceiling. Now Brickfoot is stuck. He raises his left foot high, and lets it fall toward the ground. This blow is more powerful than any earthquake Brickfoot has ever made. Not only does the building turn to rubble, but everything in a 15-mile radius is flattened by the shockwave.

Brickfoot raises his foot again to deliver the final blast, but notices two blood splatters on his bare foot. Brickfoot looks closer, and howls as he realizes the two blood stains are his children. Brickfoot Jr. and Brickfoot-ette were killed by their own brick footed father. Brickfoot leaps into the air, but just then a nuclear warhead catches him in the chest. Brickfoot grabs the missile before it can deal damage and puts it under his feet. There is a muted rumbling sound as the warhead explodes, and Brickfoot is lifted about five feet into the air. Brickfoot was failed to be eliminated.

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